Israeli Guitarist and composer residing in Madrid Spain since 2004.

Before his arrival to Spain he had already participated in some of Israels leading Festivals- the Red sea Jazz Festival, the Sinematek Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and more.

In the past decade has become one of Spain's leading guitarists, specially for his collaboration with the fabulous flamenco singer Diego "El Cigala", with whom Dan had Toured around the world in countless Cities during 3 years including a an appearance in the Argentinian legendary TV Show- "Encuentros en el estudio" which combines an interview and a Live studio performance and is broadcasted to millions of viewers across Latin America. 

Dan Ben Lior has made 2 albums of his original Music, and has produced live shows and studio recordings for numerous artists . 

Today Dan stands in the meeting point of Jazz and Flamenco, a combination he is well known for and which he in a very unique, masterful and delicate manner is paving a way for many curios musicians who wish to enter in this new Music style that combines thees two huge music genres. 

Dan has preformed on many of the world most prestigious stages such as: Carnegie Hall de Nueva York, Hollywood Bowl, Teatro Nacional de Ciudad de México, SF Jazz Center San Francisco, Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Ángeles, Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío Managua, Berklee Performance Center, Teatro Ristori de Verona Berliner Philharmonie, Circo Prize Madrid, Teatro Grec Barcelona o Palais Montcalm Quebec, and many more.

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